About Finworth Funeral Insurance

Finworth Funeral Insurance is a financial services company that was found on the promise of delivering world class products and services to the clients. We have a management team of two, with over 10 years’ experience in the funeral Insurance industry, our management worked both as sales agents and managers for various companies over that ten year period.

We provide a wide variety of funeral cover products for a different class of clients, our products were designed with our client’s needs in mind, and most of our clients come from big families that’s why our products can offer them peace of mind knowing that should a member of their family die they’ll have Finworth Funeral Insurance to turn to, in their time of need.


We are in this business to provide world class products and services to our clientele, to give good returns to our shareholders and build thriving business relationships with our different stakeholders. We also want to contribute to the economic emancipation of the previously disadvantaged people in SA irrespective of race by creating jobs in the communities that we operate in.


We commit to abide by the rules and regulations that governs this industry, to give clients products that suits their needs and pockets and to maintain the compliancy of the business and promote the continuous learning to our staff members so that they can learn more about the industry.